Shaking off the Illusion of Constitutional Law and Returning to Reality

10 Mar

IF the Constitution were in force and followed, the President, a servant of the People UNDER the Constitution would only have the power to order his fellow servants in the Executive Branch to execute laws in pursuance of the Constitution; … Read More »

Giving Respect where Respect is due

26 Feb

There are people that have the perception that I’m bashing or being condescending towards sheriffs; men and women who are presently harming the people by enforcing laws that attack their Natural Rights instead of securing them. If you go through … Read More »

Returning from a Democracy to a Republic

31 Jul

In his famous work, Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville a French citizen touring America’s prison system in the Jacksonian era, mistakenly viewed us as a democracy and warned us extensively of the dangers we faced from that form of … Read More »

Returning to America’s Revolutionary Beginnings

10 Apr

After decades of people trying to convince our present corporate governments and the bureaucracy that supports them to obey their oaths and stop attacking our natural rights peacefully, we’re facing imminent ruin today. I’ve seen over a million people assemble peacefully … Read More »

The Scourge of Mankind: Globalism

7 Nov

Globalism is attacking the world, not just America. Soon Europe will fall completely to Islam and we’re right behind them. Unless we start aggressively fighting back our Republic will be erased and our people butchered or completely subjugated. Obama is … Read More »

Government Obedience to the Constitution: The Only Course to Liberty

16 Oct

The cancer of globalism has effectively destroyed America from within and every one of us has in some way allowed it, many ignorantly, by complying with their unconstitutional laws, the unconstitutional opinions of the Court, and tolerating and obeying the … Read More »

An Appraisal of our Current Circumstances

9 Oct

I hope enough people are prepared for what’s coming… it’s not going to be a cake walk. The globalists are at their end game; they can smell success and won’t relinquish their gains willingly or easily. They may even sacrifice … Read More »

America, Globalism, and Political Parties

3 Sep

America is defined by the Constitution but every day America looks less and less like that definition. When you look at the government today all you see is graft and corruption, cowardice and fear, complicity and sedition, an evil pragmatism … Read More »