Resistance is Not Futile

13 Oct

Many Americans are paralyzed by fear of the “government”, thinking it is futile to resist the evil encompassing the land and those enforcing it. I was once one of those Americans; the more I learned of the elite and their … Read More »

Government Obedience to the Constitution: The Only Course to Liberty

16 Oct

The cancer of globalism has effectively destroyed America from within and every one of us has in some way allowed it, many ignorantly, by complying with their unconstitutional laws, the unconstitutional opinions of the Court, and tolerating and obeying the … Read More »

An Appraisal of our Current Circumstances

9 Oct

I hope enough people are prepared for what’s coming… it’s not going to be a cake walk. The globalists are at their end game; they can smell success and won’t relinquish their gains willingly or easily. They may even sacrifice … Read More »