Back on Target Towards Freedom

11 Dec

For the last month or so, I have been distracted; allowing myself to get sidetracked by circumstances to places I knew some time ago was unproductive. It took listening to a recording from another activist for freedom, Bradlee Dean, to bring my mind back to a … Read More »

Faith in our Military

1 Sep

To many of you, particularly families of active duty military personnel, I wish to explain why I don’t share your faith in our military today. Since Barack Hussein Obama assumed office, they have been obeying the orders of a usurper … Read More »

Freedom’s Call

2 Dec

I cannot take it anymore, Deceit and fraud of old, Has brought us to the brink of doom, Republic is no more. The masters they did lose their seats, Within the halls of power, While evil men corrupt and vile, … Read More »