Journey to Find a Precious Jewel, Truth

23 Jan

The search for the truth has taken me to places I could never have imagined when I first set out on it. From a better understanding of the origins of man, to better understanding the sources of the chaos our world is experiencing today, the truth of what is and what was, reveals knowledge that sets us free... we have only to seek it out for ourselves and own it.

Truth is NOT what you believe it to be... rarely has it been handed down without the bias and misrepresentations of those that don't benefit from it... you must investigate and find it for yourself, something that most people find too bothersome in their busy lives.

When I make statements that challenge what has been accepted as truth, please don't take that as anything but a challenge for you to investigate for yourself. I write posts and articles based upon truths I have discovered, but in more cases than not, I deliberately leave out the meat of the research... the smoking gun, if you will. I learned 30 years ago, that people who have the truth handed to them on a silver platter seldom accept it and choose to remain in their comfortable lies... most never even read the data handed to them.

When you find the truth for yourself, you cannot unlearn it... ignoring it will haunt you for the rest of your life as you try to return to comfortable slavery. I want to make as many people uncomfortable with the product of lies as possible... putting the truth on the offensive in its eternal war against the lie.

I am not interested in arguing with those in the belief business, religious or otherwise, nor am I interested in arguing with anyone regarding anything... The truth stands on its own and no argument to the contrary can possibly prevail... it is what is. I write to inspire others to investigate and discover the truth for themselves, but that takes opening your mind and becoming willing to learn truth... most today are closed to the truth because they believe they already know it... after all, those they trust told them what it is.

What I do when I write is challenge YOU to discover the truth for yourself... I merely provide the crumbs that will assist you on that journey... substantial crumbs, because the world doesn't have much time for you to find it.

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