Accountability to the Creator

26 Dec
You must always know and understand the truth. We are responsible for our actions and what we allowed others to do in our name; therefore we must understand and know those facts, so we can make the correct choices and take the action necessary to mitigate harm to ourselves, our posterity, and others.
The Creator's Laws are absolute and immutable. Violations of those laws have severe consequences to us and the creation we're a part of. Those posing as authority, who are harming others, especially those sociopath/psychopaths deliberately doing so, are creating effects felt throughout creation.
In my opinion, belief in some deity or savior, who will come and save mankind from the calamity they brought upon themselves through the principle of Cause and Effect, are expecting the Creator to make an exception for violating what he already determined to be inviolate. Such an expectation assumes the Creator really didn't mean what he encoded into the universe's very structure... truth.
The Creator is not a liar, man is...

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