Back on Target Towards Freedom

11 Dec

For the last month or so, I have been distracted; allowing myself to get sidetracked by circumstances to places I knew some time ago was unproductive. It took listening to a recording from another activist for freedom, Bradlee Dean, to bring my mind back to a proper course. The fact is, the answer to all of our problems of a political and spiritual nature are local in nature, requiring nothing more than cleaning up our own house, so to speak. 

The first thing I need to point out in this piece is the fact that we no longer have governments, only corporations. Once you understand this reality, you can begin to realize what you’re dealing with; using constitutional arguments within corporate courts and star chambers, has no effect on legal fictions who operate for profit and power. The America that fought a bloody war to establish a foundation on the Laws of Nature and Nature's God1, has been returned to the system from whence it came, servitude to the money powers. 

All enforcement and compliance to "Federal" and State statutes, along with local ordinances and other limitations or control mechanisms used on the People, are implemented at the local level. The orders to deploy law enforcement against the People come from our governors, mayors, or in the case of counties, the Sheriff; without their compliance with orders from the so-called higher authorities, none of them would be a threat. 

Under Natural Law, the power resides in the People, who were created to be sovereign men and women, in the image of the Creator. The only true authority that matters, is that which we owe to the Creator, no one else. Under Natural Law, we have the Right to do anything we can devise within creation as long as it doesn't harm another or the world we live in. Everyone has the same Rights; no one has the right to delegate rights or powers to another individual or group of individuals they themselves do not possess, such as the power to force their will on others. 

When others threaten or attack your ability to exercise your Rights under Natural Law as defined above, you have a Right to defend those Rights with defensive force and stop the person or group of people threatening those Rights by any means necessary, up to and including deadly force.  

Too few people today understand what Rights are. Most are controlled like sheep; fleeced on a regular basis, while being told that its legal by everyone they trust since the day they are born into this world.  

The world is presently undergoing an awakening of consciousness to the truth of our present reality and the people that are unlawfully enslaving mankind. There are perhaps millions of individuals that have been slowly peeling away the layers of deception, and removing their compliance from the psychopaths and their statutes. The exact numbers of resistance cannot be fully realized because they're not organized at this time in cohesive effective units capable of destroying the threats against themselves and those they love. . . they're largely alone and isolated by fear and mistrust of those around them. 

I have been trying for years to find a way to show those isolated people how to come together and bring the system enslaving them down and why, but discovered one way the system is stopping them; their attachment to material possessions and familial bonds. Until we can let go of everything holding us back from what is necessary to regain the freedom of all, we will fall deeper and deeper into the abyss. The chains that are keeping this system in place are in our minds, and they're enslaving all of those you hold dear as well. 

From this time forward, I will be working towards educating those that want to either start or join a unit of Natural Law Militia, formed to defend the Natural Rights of their community against all attacks against them. I will be holding classes online for anyone willing to do so; those willing to let go and do what is necessary to secure the Natural Rights of themselves and those around them. I will be holding those classes only for those vetted by myself or those I trust and only in a secure chat room at 

Members of already existing organized Militias, law enforcement, active duty military, those still subject to call up, and National Guard are NOT invited while serving the State. I am considering a class for them as well, explaining why I will not train them while their loyalty is to the present system, but spending my time trying to teach those who's duty is to infiltrate and betray seems to be a waste of time; at least it has been for me historically on a personal basis. 

It is my sincere hope and prayer that there are still enough people in the world that are awake and willing to fight to secure what the Creator has freely given to us as our birthright... sovereignty and the freedom to pursue happiness with the gifts that are inherent in us. The time has come to once again light the candle of freedom and display it for the world to see and emulate for themselves. 

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