The Insanity of False Religion

27 Nov
The dark occult has been very successful at infiltrating religions all over the world. What influences do you suppose were involved in the various revisions of the "perfect and inerrant Word of God"? Where would the logical place be to corrupt the manners of millions of people? Where they invest everything they are to please what they perceive to be God...
A word... semi-colon... comma... subtle changes to the text of a document, any document, can change the meaning 100% and lead the reader in directions never intended by the original author. I have seen the corruption of the works of Thomas Jefferson by Arthur Schlesinger and know the power of a skilled editor.
WHY do Christians ignore the clear teaching of the Bible in the Book of John and worship a volume called the Bible more than the Spirit promised by Yahshua in John 14:26:
"But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you."
The Spirit of the Word of God is the Word, not a volume of works commissioned by an Emperor of Rome! Until people get that and lose the cognitive dissonance they're under, slavery under religion will continue unabated in the world... at least from the Christian religion.
People are enslaved by more than Christianity, I am just more familiar with the teachings and doctrines of that faith than any other, having come from over four decades of programming into it. Islam is another faith claiming to have Abrahamic roots that is enslaving large portions of mankind and being led, like the Christians, to slaughter millions of people in the name of their god and prophet as well.
Make no mistake, the so-called leaders of America are slaughtering millions of innocent people all over the world in their war against a tactic... terrorism. Ask any family in Afghanistan or Iraq about what the occupying troops in their lands have been doing to their families for decades now... Without the support of millions of Christians, 70% of the population, this would never happen. You pay for every damn weapon of war used by these psychopaths, to force mankind into the oligarchy's idea of utopia!
Christians are NOT the good guys we're programmed to believe; neither are the Muslims. Both have been slaughtering and enslaving people for centuries. Both religions have blood on their hands and believe what they're doing is for God. It is little wonder that more and more people are abandoning religion; seeing the blatant hypocrisy and inability of the religious to think outside the limited scope of what they're told to believe.
The legacy of the Christian conquest and theft of the North American continent is soaked in the blood of the men, women, and children of the native people who lived here for thousands of years. Too many tribes and empires were utterly destroyed in the name of Jesus under the guise of saving the heathen and claiming (stealing) this land for God. How is that any different than Islam conquering lands through Jihad to force infidels to submit or convert to their religion?
The truth is a bitter pill at times and all the self-righteous rantings against the other brutal religion, Islam, rings hollow when framed with the true events of history. Hundreds of millions, if not billions of people have been brutally tortured and murdered in the name of God over the centuries... Both religions teach that we must fear God... yet the world has learned to fear his followers much more.
I know the Creator and have no need of faith to see him... He is revealed in the magnificence of his creation; one has to be spiritually blind not to see him in it. I can no longer believe the fairy tales of religions and refuse to follow anything but the Laws of Nature and Nature's God, Natural Law, as my guide.
The Creator I know has no need for the adoration of man... nor laying prostrate before him in his creation; he only requires that we live in peace with our fellow man and care for his creation in love. I am done with the hell of religion forever...

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