Regaining our Freedom

25 Nov
The Constitution FOR the united States of America has not been observed officially since the Lincoln Administration. We are currently under occupation in a state of war that has not ceased since April 1861. Corporations under the bankers that financed both sides of that war now have firm control over every aspect of "government" today after over 150 years of occupation.
I am no longer even trying to restore the Constitution of 1789. The Declaration of Independence established the Laws of Nature and Nature's God to be the foundation of America, but the Convention of 1789 was convened under British parliamentary law, since the Treaty of Paris, 1783, gave everything back to the King and betrayed the American Revolution.
Natural Law requires no legislature... it is the Law that governs everything that exists in our Universe, including the conduct of man towards man. It is perfect, consistent with the Creator's character and needs no modification by man. We merely need to walk in it according to the conscience within us and the reason granted to us by our Creator.
Do no harm. Respect your fellow man/woman... Be who you are and explore what you can be... without the interference of others forcing you to be otherwise... as much as it is within your power, live in peace with all men.
Freedom is not difficult to obtain as much as difficult to maintain, in a world where psychopaths plot and scheme to control and own their fellow man; when they do, defensive force is necessary to stop their harm and restore peace and harmony in a free world.

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