The Difficult But Necessary Path to Freedom

27 Oct
Some people today seem to have been born to resist all efforts to enslave or control them. I have not been so fortunate and have to continuously extract myself, spiritually and mentally, from the system I'm seeking to destroy. I was born into the same slavery everyone else was and fed the same lies regarding history and reality they were. The only difference I can see between the majority and myself is that what I was told never seemed right to me... I could never be happy just going along to get along and had to know the truth.

When I had an honest experience with what I know now to be the Creator on July 14, 1973, what I call the Spirit and I were joined and I began a journey that has led to where I am today. I thought I met Jesus that day, but over the decades as I continued to discover the truth it became more and more evident... confirmed by the Spirit within me, that the connection was with the Creator himself... outside the paradigm of man's religion and in spite of it.

My church... where I connect to the Creator best and discover more about his Law; his creation.
For the first four decades of this mission, I was trapped in cognitive dissonance in two particular areas, constitutionalism and religion, particularly the Christian RELIGION. My world-view was so tangled up in those two things, it was limiting what the Spirit was trying to reveal to me.
In early 2015, I had finally connected enough dots that enabled my mind to catch up to what the Spirit was leading me to see, enabling me to move beyond the "slough" I had been traveling through... to understand that last statement, read "The Pilgrim's Progress", by Paul Bunyan.
The search for truth is a lifelong journey, especially since the world today is controlled by psychopaths that control mankind through lies, deception, and distortions of the truth; manipulating mankind for their benefit and pleasure.
The goal for me, is to continue learning the truth and in concert with others the Spirit is guiding, press mankind through the gift the Spirit gave me of the written word, to step back into their freedom under Natural Law en mass; thereby stripping the ruling class of their power over mankind. Wars cannot be fought if no one shows up to fight them.
To help support me pursue that goal, share my work everywhere it will make a difference, on the Internet in comments on relevant articles at places other than Facebook, printed and left in doctor's offices and other public places, anywhere the message I write will reach the conscientiousness of others and get them to critically think about what they're led to believe. Please give me credit for this work by maintaining attribution, since I largely survive on the financial support of those that are able to help me financially.
Those of you that support what I'm doing and believe it is worth supporting and are able to help with that support, send contributions in any amount through the Donate button at http://lessonsofthepast,com/ and please consider making your gift recurring on a monthly or annual basis. Contributions in excess of my needs monthly will carry over to others, such as Gavin Seim and others pushing back at the enemies of freedom as the Spirit directs me.
The war I am fighting is your war as well, if you wish to be free of the slavery of this present evil system. There are many fighting this evil in different ways and through different methods; they are resisting and tearing down the facade so many are deceived by today. Support them in their efforts as the Spirit guides you; only by your support and efforts in that support, will what we're doing have any true effect. The resistance, no matter how principled and determined, cannot succeed without increasing numbers of the People getting on board and supporting it in whatever capacity they can.
Together we can spoil the plans the psychopaths have for this world and take a different path of peace and prosperity for all of mankind, but we must perform the actions that puts us on that path together, no one or nothing can or will do it for us.
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