Fear, the Evidence of Unbelief

11 May

Lately, I have been challenging people to think about what they say they believe and their pragmatic actions in contradiction of that belief. It has resulted in a LOT of criticism of myself, while glossing over the glaring inconsistencies I have presented. The intent of my writing, consistent with past articles, is to present the truth that was revealed to me and challenge others to THINK for themselves about it.

I have never presented it in the form of being some guru or religious authority, at least that was never my intention, much like the Buddah. Apparently, most people have to diefy anyone that delves into the truth in any manner that can be interpreted as profound, when in fact they're revealing what the Creator has revealed through them; he is the origin of the profound, not his messengers.

When you say you believe in the commandment, thou shall not steal, yet allow your servants in government to steal from you and your neighbor to give to someone else under the threat of sanctions up to and including death if you don’t volunteer, how is that consistent with what you claim is your beliefs?

If you put on a uniform and obey unlawful orders to participate in unjust aggressive war; violating the commandment, thou shall do no murder; killing people in other countries that have not harmed one American or attacked American shores, how is that consistent with what you claim you believe? Remember, that under the rules of war, the People of a country are well within their natural rights to kill you, because YOU have invaded their country; they’re protecting their homes and families from your aggressive actions against their community!

Yahshua only gave two commandments during his ministry in the flesh:

1. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength, and;

2. Thou shalt love they neighbor as thyself.

I don’t see any “but” in that language presenting any exceptions; do you?

If you truly believe in the teachings of Yahshua and follow them, to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord; why would anyone fear death under those circumstances? Yet many if not most people who are presented with the option of obeying government or God chooses government for fear of imprisonment or death if they don’t comply; totally ignoring the eternal consequences of disobeying the Creator. Does that look like belief in God to you? Is that the example Yahshua taught to show the world?

I could present so many examples of what people today ask government for that were freely given them by the Creator as natural rights. Yet because of their fear of government, they allow their rights to become privileges that they purchase from their masters in government, when that master allows them to exercise them at all. The Creator gave them those rights to freely exercise them without any conditions, yet so many today meet the requirements of bureaucracy to get permission to exercise them at governments discretion.

Coming from 44 years of trying to find a church that actually taught that the principles of the Creator are not to be compromised with the world, which includes government, has formed the opinions I have been expressing today. The hypocrisy and apostasy of the religion is appalling. When you consider that I entered the church expecting what is written in the Bible to be not only taught but practiced, it is little wonder to see my perplexity when I found that it is all a compromise with government.

The blatant hypocrisy of people claiming to worship God and believe and practice what The Word taught, is what caused me to write what I have for the past few days. Apparently, I have struck a nerve with many that seem to be incapable of grasping the simple truths I was trying to point out; so be it. I have fulfilled what the Spirit was guiding me to do; the rest is up to him to water and grow. "Duty is mine, results are God's." -- John Quincy Adams.

I will no longer accept the compromises of liars and thieves on the pulpits of religion… period!

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