Surviving While Fighting for Freedom

12 Apr
I am grateful for all of you who support my work; some who are on Social Security and can barely make it themselves! Your sacrifice and obedience to the Spirit enables me to fulfill the mission I was set on nearly 44 years ago from this post. The fraud and deceit that has effectively enslaved millions must come to an end and the truth that sets mankind free prevail.
Some of you on Facebook may have noticed the change in my fund-raising post. I am trying to build a more steady base of support so I'm not forced to plead so much day to day. If just 200 supporters sent me $5 per month, I would have $1,000 to pay for gas, propane, and other living expenses... substantially helping me to focus on more important things.
If 400 contributed, I could afford housing and move out of my car; though the view where I live would likely suffer and downgrade! Anything received above my needs would be shared with fellow Americans engaged in this fight, as the Spirit directs me... I recognize that mine is not the only voice for freedom and virtually all that are awake and fighting seem to be struggling financially.
Please consider being one of those that contributes on a recurring basis... This IS my full-time occupation and in order to be free to do it without restraint, I must not entangle myself where that freedom is restricted. When my support comes from the voluntary contributions of those who believe in what I'm doing, it enables me to do what the Spirit is directing in freedom.
For those of you who can help in this way, thank you from both myself and the Spirit that directs us... your contribution will enable me to fulfill my mission with the full driving force the Spirit has instilled within me.
Those that cannot support me financially, yet share my articles and the things they learn from them; searching out the truth and sharing it with their friends and neighbors, are equally supporting me with the resources they have; aiding not only me but everyone they love by working to restore the freedom our Creator meant for us to live in.
If you can contribute monthly, send it through the Monthly Contribution page on the main menu of this blog or the annual if you prefer.
Again, thank you to everyone that helps me carry out this important mission in whatever capacity the Spirit has given you... freedom is worth the price, even if that cost is life itself.

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