Removing the European Union Tyranny

31 Mar
The EU Parliament, controlled by the same oligarchs that control most of the world through the United Nations and other corporations, believe the People of Europe are ignorant fools; only fit to provide for the oligarch's desires and comfort, not their own lives, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.
Remember William Wallace and others who sacrificed all to be free and emulate them, not the parasitic cowards that use government to force you to serve them. Reclaim your birthright of freedom by embracing the Laws of Nature and Nature's God, not the "laws" of self-serving sociopathic rulers. The world has come to a crossroads today; either the People will throw off the tyrants that are destroying them and regain freedom as our Creator intended or descend into an abyss of tyranny and despotism for generations to come.
The oligarchs are expert in the art of bending the will of the ruling class, such as those nobles that betrayed Wallace. Only the People can restore their freedom in spite of their rulers; that can only happen by the INDIVIDUAL'S non-compliance and violent opposition to the oligarchs and their agents; starting in our homes, towns, villages, and cities. Restore freedom everywhere by living free, exercising your natural rights, and standing in defense of them with force. Being nice to tyrants has never resulted in removing them from power; appeasement and prostration before tyranny results only in subjection and death.
The People of the world need to stop seeing themselves as subjects of other men and stand free, subject only to their Creator, under Natural Law... not the will of psychopathic tyrants.
The American People at arms is the largest armed force in the world today. If the People of Switzerland and other armed People joined with us, we could stop the madness once and for all and realize unimaginable peace and prosperity by destroying those that have fostered hate and war for centuries. If we stand united in the cause of liberty and destroy the oligarchs and the corporations that rule over us today, we can return to a world where the supreme law is "do no harm", where force is only applied against those who attack the natural rights of the People, not against the People to bend them to the will of other men.
"I tell ye true, liberty is the best of all things; never live beneath the noose of a servile halter.” -- William Wallace
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