The Only Road Back to the united States of America

20 Mar

white-knightTo many people today of all political persuasions, Donald Trump is the white knight fighting the dragon of the establishment. His brash attacks on his corrupt opponents and off the cuff statements of truth, even when exposing himself as a corrupt businessman more than willing to support the devil if necessary to pull off a deal, has struck a chord with conservatives as well as libertarians and others in the political arena.

Again, the rhetoric is drawing large numbers of hopeful people looking for a leader to take them out of the misery the establishment has led them into. I’ve been seeing this dance all of my adult life, though Trump has taken it to a new level; a level the people have been craving for decades, as the Republican Party has been the party of surrender now for many people’s lifetimes.

From Richard Nixon’s support and expansion of Johnson’s Great Society programs, Newt Gingrich’s support for NAFTA, GATT, and other globalist agreements that transferred American jobs abroad, to supporting bailouts of the banks and corporations raping America of her bounty, the Republican Party in partnership with the Democrats, have sold America out to the highest bidder and Americans are fed up with it.

The oligarchy knows all of this… they planned for it… and everything you see in the media, as they’re pre-positioning armor and troops, which include Islamic fighters around the country, is designed to make you believe one last time, that elections will defeat them and their agenda. In my opinion, nothing can be further from the truth. Due to the extent of the corruption, there is no way any single man or woman is going to turn the ship of globalist world order without:

  • arresting the oligarchy’s agents throughout the Federal and State governments to the local level for impersonating a government official, subversion, and for those that support the United Nations,
  • rescinding ALL the states of emergency used as “justification” to ignore constitutional limitations of power,
  • removing every Executive Order, presidential proclamation, and other usurpatious acts by the President since the Lincoln Administration and their effects,
  • rescind every Treaty and Executive Agreement with foreign nations and repudiating their effects, and
  • abolish EVERY agency and office that is not specifically authorized by the Constitution and their unconstitutional effects.

In my opinion, this is not possible from the top down; the bureaucracy simply wouldn’t implement the orders and the CEO would be replaced by the oligarchs.

The only way I can see this happening is from the local level up; the people removing the oligarch’s agents in their local government by any means necessary; proceeding up through the County, State, and then… when State governments have been restored to American control under Constitutions that are formed to direct government to only secure the People’s Natural Rights… deal with their servant, the District of Columbia. Any State that refuses to base its government on Natural Law and securing the Natural Rights of the People should be excluded from the united States of America.

Remember, our states are nation states. The united States of America is a constitutional republic, composed of nations that agreed to delegate certain enumerated powers to a limited central government; an agreement entered into by the member States and abrogated over 154 years ago. Today, we have no lawful Constitution and our governments are corporations imposing policies through statutes, corporate rules, and regulations; not bound by a Constitution or the will of the People. Even if Donald Trump wins the appointment to the White House, he will only be the CEO of the United States of America, Inc.; not the President of the united States of America.

Returning the United States of America, Inc. to the united States of America can only be done by the People themselves paying the price for liberty, which is and always has been the blood of tyrants and patriots. Only then, can an American President be elected and serve the people.

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  1. I believe much of what you’re saying can be facilitated quickly through the advent of a joint pool of donor money given to ALL election candidates – from local to national.

    For example, if a corporation wants to donate $10 million – or a person wants to donate $1.00 toward a particular candidate, it will be distributed equally among ALL candidates, with the caveat that they must clearly state their answers to an agreed-upon questionnaire that covers every relevant aspect of the duties of their office, per their jurisdiction and any extra monies will be used to further voter turnout, awareness and debates, if more than one candidate is running.

    In this way, We The People (and corporations, irrespective of the Citizens United) are supporting the election PROCESS and not a specific candidate. This takes the “(my) Money = (my) Influence” algorithm out of politics permanently and summarily places candidates’ philosophies in writing in a side by side fashion in order to truly understand the candidates’ differences and similarities.

    Answers to the questionnaires would be distributed to every person within their jurisdiction via direct mail and e-mail addresses. TV/Radio/Internet ads – both positive & negative – would be banned and any changes in their answers would be made public as part of a jurisdiction-wide PSA or editing system not dissimilar to “notifications” on social media.

    Any pooled money left over would be used for mandatory debates and expenses associated with running their election campaign – preferably staffers. No fliers, advertisements (real or virtual) would be allowed 90 days prior to the election. Only notifications of the elections. Yard signs/stickers would only be permitted in/on one’s personal (not corporate or public) property. CPACs and other organizations designed to funnel money to candidates’ campaigns would be outlawed.

    Political parties would also be done away with, as with the Electoral College. Electing someone to office would be about the specifics of their answers and not a blanket party philosophy that only fosters divisiveness.

    Corporations would think twice about massive donations with the expectation of quid pro quo. The impetus to influence elections according to personal wealth and one-sided donor-filled coffers would be eliminated because no one would be allowed to use their own money for their own campaign, unless they don’t mind donating to their opponent, as well. The “whomever yells loudest” and “whomever gets the most ads wins” concept will also be eliminated because even the poorest of candidates would have equal say and exposure.

    All donations, by default, would be all about supporting democracy and our right to choose our officials and not a contest of two “teams” (parties) and their paid-for rhetoric of talking points designed to numb and dumb-down voters, and again, foster polarity. Yes, donor money would drop like flies in a Raid factory – and certainly the election cycles would become less entertaining and circus-like, but it would become more civilized, humane and less like college rivalries where Party over People rule the day.

    • There is one problem with your idea, Juan. There is no government, only a corporation and the people running are vying for the office of CEO of that corporation. Voting is meaningless today and will remain so as long as a globalist oligarchy owns and controls these corporations.

      First we need to remove the oligarchs and restore the Constitution… THEN we can talk about elections.

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