A President Trump I could support

30 Aug

donald-trumpPeople around the country are being energized by the rhetoric of Donald Trump. He is saying what he knows needs to be said without regard to the “sensitivities” of Political Correctness… something that has been sorely lacking in our milk toast, pandering, and lying politicians. Trump is smart enough to realize how to energize the people to support him and he’s taking full advantage of that knowledge.

While I would love to be able to jump on the Trump Train and put my full support into his campaign, I cannot. I have been watching the political dog and pony show for decades and know full well the ability of the corporate oligarchy to manipulate human sentiments and emotion in order to get them to do what they want. Donald Trump is a billionaire because of his ability to network with members of the oligarchy… He may be a great deal maker and negotiator but he is still very much obliged to the oligarchy for much of his success.

While I cannot endorse Trump at this time, I will continue to watch him, listen to his rhetoric, and determine by his actions that he is what he’s presenting himself to be.

What will obtain my support for Trump is the following:

Once inaugurated, President Trump would issue an order to the Marines to arrest all members of the de facto Congress in both houses. Instruct the Legislatures of the Several States, all 34 of them, to select two Senators and send them to Washington and to hold special elections to elect de jure replacements for the de facto Representatives arrested.

A special election would have to be called for the PEOPLE, using verifiable paper ballots, counted under supervision of the People independent of government, to replace members of the House of Representatives that were arrested and no business of Congress would be conducted until such time as they're replaced.

He would also issue orders for the arrest of all de facto judicial officers in the Federal judiciary and set the new Senate to work confirming non-B.A.R. de jure replacements; up to and including the Supreme Court. All Supreme Court decisions in contravention of the Constitution would be stricken, including all decisions based on any amendment subsequent to 1861.

President Trump would also rescind all states of emergencies going back to the Lincoln Administration, and restore the organic Constitution that was in place prior to April 1861, removing the de facto amendments 13 – 27 and restoring the Titles of Nobility Amendment banning BAR attorneys from government offices throughout the republic.

The last state admitted by a legitimate Congress was Kansas… All states after that must resubmit their applications for admission to the Union to Congress, remain territories subject to the jurisdiction of Congress per Article I, Section 8, clause 17… or assert their independence apart from the United States of America as their People decide. Today they are not a part of the Union created by the organic Constitution but were admitted by a foreign occupying force. The State of West Virginia must return to Virginia, since the Lincoln dictatorship divided the state without the permission of the Virginia legislature during the war.

President Trump would support only those actions of the government that would result in securing the natural rights of the American People, protecting the American economy from malevolent foreign manipulation, and secure and defend the international borders of the American Republic against all invasions from any foreign power.

The United States Army would be returned to its configuration under the organic Constitution, composed of State forces called into Federal Service only under a declaration of war, and then returning them to State control when that war ceased. This would be in accordance with Article I, Section 8, and clause 12; standing armies are severely restricted under the Constitution.

072815_1858_ReturnAmeri1.jpgEvery act of the military government of Abraham Lincoln and the subsequent de facto government of the United States would be considered void… Every treaty, executive agreement, and ALL debt incurred by the de facto government would be repudiated and all programs instituted in contravention of the Constitution would be dissolved.

Should a President Trump restore the American Republic and the Constitution, then I could support him and believe that he truly is what he’s portraying himself to be; until then, I can only view him as another skillful politician/businessman saying what he needs to say in order to get what he wants at our expense.

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2 Replies to “A President Trump I could support

  1. Sir, I agree with agree with most of what you said. But West Virginia is a STATE all on it’s own. I don’t care what is said. If that would happen you would see a State to State war. Or civil uprising. We West Virginians have been fine for years now. Yes the job opportunity is slim, education is on a high note right now here, but that’s the state governments fault and big companies that hire illegals over the people that are willing to work. And there is plenty here to do it. I see no reason for our state to be conjoined the way it was pre-civil war era.

    • Most of my extended family is in West Virginia, Ora… But it was illegal for the state to be divided without the permission of the Legislature of Virginia… that is the issue I’m raising. It is a matter of righteousness and upholding the Supreme Law of the Land… which Lincoln had serious issues with.

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