Despite the Wishful Thinking of the Left Obama is not the Antichrist

25 Aug

Conservative Christians have accused Barack Obama of a lot of things based upon end time prophecies…to include being the Antichrist. His usurpation and blatant wickedness from a Christian perspective is without doubt, but could he be the Antichrist? Without a doubt, he possesses the spirit of Antichrist, which has existed ever since Jesus walked the earth… but THE Antichrist?? I believe not… let me explain my reasoning here.

Barack Obama is fooling no one, at least in conservative Christian circles. His usurpation of the Office of President is well known by many and efforts have been made to remove him on those grounds. His Moslem heritage, while downplayed by the media, is still available for the world to see by anyone desiring to look for it… Telling the gullible American public he's Christian is a deliberate lie to gain acceptance, a perfectly legal step under Sharia law as long as it advances Islam, which it has clearly done since he unlawfully took the oath of office in 2009.

The Antichrist, on the other hand, will hoodwink everyone. His glowing oratory will captivate audiences the world over, both conservative and liberal… he will be a master of deception that would deceive the very elect if that were possible; that is certainly not Barack Obama. When the Antichrist orders an image of himself to be placed in the Holy of Holies in the Temple it will take the world by surprise; the Torah Jews will flee from his blasphemy. I seriously doubt that many observant Jews are hoodwinked by Obama; also, the Temple has yet to be built.

The Antichrist will be a friend of the Jews, help them to rebuild the Temple and remove the Moslems from the Temple Mount along with the gold domed abomination on it. In order to commit the abomination that causes desolation he must garner the trust and cooperation of the Jewish State as well as observant Jews in Israel… in short… the Antichrist would have to be someone with the personality to disarm the whole world with his charm. Certainly not Barack Obama…

I would look for someone on the world stage that fits a more appealing presence; more amiable and appearing to people to be principled; a person that large numbers of people the world over will trust and even adore; that certainly doesn't describe Barack Hussein Obama, even if the liberals and leftists wish it to be so.

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