A Painful Paradigm Shift concerning Army Special Forces

14 Apr

SpecialForces001I have often referred to Army Special Forces (SF) in my writings and comments. Since I was a young boy and first saw The Green Berets, starring John Wayne, I have had a fascination with that elite force of Americans. I realize that film was propaganda to build support for the Vietnam conflict; back then I didn’t know what I do today and meeting SF members when I was on the road cemented my impression of them. They’re trained to be much more than soldiers and most are probably better ambassadors than any politician appointed by any President, because they put their words into action.

Perhaps I'm being sentimental or over idealistic regarding that part of the Special Operations Command (SOCOM); but I have yet to personally meet a member of SF that sullies the term honor. There are times I'm beside myself thinking about them obeying the orders of the chain of command headed by a usurper. It is one of those paradigm shifts I must endure in this quest for the truth... a painful one since I put SF on a pretty high pedestal.

Now with the advent of Jade Helm 15, I may have to face SF on the field or when they attempt to extricate me as part of their operation; something I'm not looking forward to. Not because I fear death but because it is the last group I thought would turn against American patriots. To this day, I still hope they won't but know this; I will not hesitate to return fire regardless of the uniform that comes against me or the American people.

As I've stated in my article, Americans Fighting for the American Republic, I'm trying to encourage Americans to form 5 man guerrilla teams; taking the fight to the corporate oligarchy destroying the republic at the local level throughout America. In my opinion, the SF veterans are the best resource to accomplish that mission and help us defeat the oligarchy enslaving us.

De Oppresso Liber emblemI have no doubt there are thousands of loyal SF veterans as well as active duty members that will do their duty for the American Republic; America needs their tenacity, knowledge, grit, courage, fortitude, and ferocity more than ever. I pray they will not disappoint that 9 year old boy that cried in the theater over the pride he felt for the Green Berets.

De Oppresso Liber!

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