Raising the Militia In Spite of Globalist Control

14 Mar

The state of the Militia today should more accurately reflect the militia prior to the ratification of the Constitution, since Congress is in default of the agreement and has failed to exercise its responsibilities as defined in Article I, Section 8, clause 16. Instead of arming the militia, Congress is seeking the disarmament of it and attacking the rights of the people. Many if not most officers in state and local governments today are openly contemptuous of limitations on their power over us and side with our Federal globalist enemies; there are also many that are merely there for the rush of exerting power over their fellow man. We must replace such people with public servants that will be faithful to their oaths and respect our rights, not attack them.

There are many trains of thought regarding the proper organization and structure of the Militia in today's society. Many insist on following Laws established in our state Constitutions but fail to note that many of those offices that have constitutional control of the Militia are in enemy hands today… offices presently occupied by oath breakers. The Militia is the people at arms and was instituted to protect the lives and property of the community and by extension the state when called upon to do so. It is not nor ever should be used as a standing army for the purpose of imposing or enforcing law on the people. Article IV of the Bill of Rights states what the Militia is and its purpose in a simple statement:

Article the fourth [Amendment II]

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

So you see… the well-regulated Militia is the people! So when my plan calls for all the people to bear their arms, I am referring to the Militia rising up and organizing in defense of the life, liberty, and property of the community. I have never, nor will I ever, call for the overthrow of the Constitution and Bill of Rights; only for the DEFENSE of the Republic. Now is the time for the Militia to rise up to throw off the corruption that has taken well over a century to implant itself through our ignorance, lack of attention, and apathy.

We should arm and come together in our communities, elect our own officers, organize into appropriate units for operation and where possible establish rapport with loyal state forces as well as our fellow communities for coordinating operations. As we execute the plan of action we will be restoring command and control to constitutional officers that can assume the chain of command per constitutional requirements but until that time a stop gap structure must be established, gradually reverting back to constitutional control as the oath breakers and traitors are replaced.

Trying to fight the corruption of the government today is like being in a maze under their control and direction as they willingly and knowingly change the rules of the game and the design of the maze to prevent its ever being solved. It is time to force them to react to US as we restore that which they're openly seeking to destroy by removing oath breakers from our offices of honor and trust.


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