19 Oct

My life is now a total mess,
My family all but gone,
I thought I had to be the best,
But so much turned out wrong.

The things in life I prized so much,
Like most things in my past,
Turned out to be illusory,
Like clouded panes of glass.

My heart and mind cannot agree,
On the proper course to take,
For getting on with things I need,
To live my life again.

The loneliness is killing me,
My heart cannot repair,
All the damage I have done,
I cannot shake despair.

I'm not the man I used to be,
Confident, bold, and brave,
Eager to see what life would bring,
Taking it as it came.

Older now and finding out,
The choices that I made were not,
Always good or even right,
Reflection brings it all to light.

For decades God has guided me,
To learn about this tyranny,
His Spirit prompting me to see,
The consequence of apathy.

Soon the world will have to see,
How ugly all our sin can be,
The selfish need to take the life,
Of those who never saw the light.

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