Action Plan for Repudiation of the 17th Amendment

4 Dec

Let's fix the system and then worry about what candidate to elect... not fixing the system will just corrupt whoever we send. We MUST repair what the globalists have damaged through fraud and restore integrity back to the system.

This act ...must by necessity replace all government offices requiring the advice and consent of the Senate, as well as all treaties, amendments, and other acts of Congress since the first popular elected Senators were seated.

It will be painful at first, scary since there is no American alive today that can remember the time before the 17th Amendment... scholars will raise hell and tell us we can't... most of which will be paid by a globalist corporation.

If we truly desire liberty to be restored to the republic then we MUST do this... there is no wiggle room.

Forward Paul's article to your State representatives... follow up and get their opinions on it... if they agree, push it... if they don't, convince them it's in their best interest if they wish to remain in office.

Focus your political efforts on your state legislatures and get them to insist on reversing this fraud AFTER you bone up on it yourself.

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