Freedom’s Call

2 Dec

I cannot take it anymore,
Deceit and fraud of old,
Has brought us to the brink of doom,
Republic is no more.

The masters they did lose their seats,
Within the halls of power,
While evil men corrupt and vile,
Caused our citizens to sour.

Driving wedges betwixt us all,
With envy, greed, and hate,
While taking all our liberty,
And determining our fate.

It's not too late to take it back,
Before the bankers close,
Independence, freedom's call,
Opportunity for all!

The source of Rights in this great land,
Came not from man at all,
He cannot take what he did not grant,
They came to us from God!

Rise up you friends of liberty,
It's time to fight again,
Rise up my friends for there's still hope,
Cut off the serpents head.

While the breast of man still longs to be,
Happy, alive, and free,
Caring for the ones he loves,
And breathing air that's free.

There comes a time when he must fight,
Be all that he can be,
Preserving justice, truth, and light,
By feeding the Liberty Tree.

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